Thursday, October 27, 2011

Steve Madden Sarrina Pumps

Ok.  So most of you know I am more of a make up gal than I am a "fashionista" like Colleen is.  I cannot-- for the life of me-- put together an outfit.  I swear the second I walk into a clothing store my fashion sense goes out the window and I am like a lost puppy.  But, when I saw these bright purple suede pumps by Steve Madden today....I knew it was love. I'm usually not one for such a chunky heel...(The higher the better...I'm all about the spike heel.)  But look at these babies.  These are amazing.  I was also thinking about my own well-being in the new city I live in.  It has a lot of cobble-stone sidewalks and streets going on, so the chunkier the heel, the easier to walk around in.

So, my question to everyone is:  How the heck to I style these things?  What do I wear them with?  If any of you have suggestions as to what I should wear them with definitely let me know!  Or, even better, if you have photos of yourself or others wearing them please link!!  I am in love with these shoes but don't know what to wear them with! :)


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Life

Whew... It has been a really long time since I've posted! For those of you who don't know Bekah and I personally, I'll simply say we've both been through some personal changes. With these recent changes, we've been distracted and haven't been blogging at all! Our apologies. Now that we're finally settled we will be back to blogging in no time.

I've seen a lot of bloggers lately posting their Instagram pics, so I thought I'd do the same. Here are some things I've really been into lately! Enjoy.

Holiday Glow, by OPI.

Baking! These are Apple Oatmeal Cookies with an Apple Cider Glaze. To die for! You can find the recipe here.

Costume jewelry with diamonds!

Spending lots of time with my friends (aren't they pretty?)

Lucy's first Halloween Costume! She's a Chef! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Glitter Mani

I've been seeing a lot of glitter lately, so I tried out a glitter french manicure. I used a very dark brown polish, and topped it off with a glitter where the white would usually go. I think this looks good, but it is chipping already! Also I'm a slob when it comes to doing my own nails, so I know this could have been a lot cleaner.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's Outfit

Happy Hump Day! While rummaging through my winter clothes this weekend, my mom found this gray-layered skirt. She gave it to me because she claims to never wear it - and I obviously don't say no to free clothes!

 I love the A-line of the skirt, it is super flattering on. I pairied it with my purply-pink flats, a navy t-shirt, statement necklace, and a pink pleather belt to add some color!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New White Blouse

This weekend I went to H&M. I had a 25% off pants coupon (if you haven't been to, you need to go!) and wanted to see what they had. I found these great brown chino's, normally $15 but I got them for ~$10. I also found this amazing white blouse that was only $10! I love the bow, and the sheerness of it. It looked really amazing with a blazer over it. I wore this outfit to work, but I could totally wear this shirt with a mini skirt for a night out, or jeans for a dinner date!

The gray blazer is old, from J. Crew. It's my favorite fall jacket :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Foliage, Food, & Fashion

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It finally feels like fall here, and I have to say I'm estatic. I love everything about the fall. The foliage, the food, and of course the fashion! Last weekend I kind of went hard in Boston, so this weekend I focused on catching up on things I wanted to do.

Nail Polish: "Jazz" by Essie

I finally painted my nails - I LOVE this nude nail polish. It's perfect for the fall. This lacquer went on very easily (I just wish my nails were longer!!)

I also baked some delish pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! They are pretty easy and so yummy. Click here for the recipe :)

I read The September Issue (and Lucy used it as a pillow):

AND I went through all my winter clothes. I elminated stuff I know I won't wear, and even found some things I forgot I had (best feeling ever). I got some new great items this weekend, and will post the outfits this week!

What do you love about the fall?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All that glitters is gold

This weekend was fun! One of my friends is moving away for a job, so a huge group of us went out in Boston for a little going-away bash. We're sad to see him go, but it was nice seeing everyone in one place!

We went to a bar called The Whiskey Priest. It was my first time going and I have to say I enjoyed it. They had a deck on the water, and it was great weather to be outside!

This was a more casual bar, so I went with the look below:

The top is new, from Zara, $26. I love how it is gold and glittery, it makes a standard T-shirt formal enough for a night out. I also sported some J.Crew Jeggings and my new leopard print heels from Marshalls. For jewlery, I for a huge gold cocktail ring, a gold bangle and some glittery brown stud earrings. It was all about the gold and glitter!

Here's a close up with my friend:

Since I'm always talking about saving cash, I thought I'd share how you can do a night in Boston on a budget!

Pregame. Drinks at a bar are very pricey. Have a few drinks before you go, that way when you get there, you only need to buy one or two, tops. My friends and I usually split a bottle of wine before a night on the town.
Use a parking pass. My friend goes to Boston quite often, so she got a parking pass. Usually when we park in a garage overnight, it's up to $40 - yikes! But with her discount it was only $12.
Walk if you can, share a cab if you can't. Not that you should take one alone, anyways. And if you have any DD friends,  ask them to drive you back!
Stay at one place. Bars in Boston often charge a cover fee, so stick to one place. Less cab rides and less cover charges = more $ for you!
Bring snacks. Rather than blowing that last bit of money on pizza at 2:30 a.m., my friend will sometimes bring a box of Mac & Cheese for a late night snack :-).